11/28/14 The day after

We had a very nice Thanksgiving with the human children over, some new smells I had never smelt before, some people I had never met, and yes, I minded my manners and didn’t jump on anyone or beg (too much) at the table.

I did, however, have to spend some time in the crate until all the humans were assembled and situated. Something about me being “a little too exuberant” in my welcomes. Stuff and nonsense, if you ask me!

Anyway, I was really feeling it today. The turkey and all. So I slept most of the day and took it easy:


However, when I woke up I was the Hairy Bullet! It was like a Jekyll and Hyde transformation!

Some snow had fallen outside, then it turned to ice, so the back yard is somewhat crispy.

Nonetheless, I lowered my suspension and took off through the dark yard with Jamie and flashlight at bay. I ran in a frenzied circle around the frozen lawn, slipping and sliding the entire time, then burst through the back door with a resounding BAM!, scrambled on the tiled kitchen floor, nearly lost what little footing I had, shot through the slot between the couch and the file cabinet, and slammed my big, hard, head right into the side table, nearly collapsing it.

I shook it off and ran for the upstairs landing, Jamie pounding on my pawprints, hollering, “Maggie! Maggie! Get over here and let me look at your head, for Christmas’ sake!”

My head was fine and I found my chew toy waiting for me, right where I had left it:


Once I got all the wiggles out of my bottom I was fine. I settled back in on my chair and napped while the humans played Scrabble.

Ah, life. It’s good to be a dog!

Woof! Love, Maggie

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