11/29/14 Downtown

Today was a beautiful day. Much warmer than yesterday, and, except for where the sun don’t shine, the snow melted in the back yard. I felt frisky and made a mad dash for the woods early in the morning; however, Jamie was hot on my heels and reined me in before I could make a proper escape.

The beautiful day turned into an equally lovely evening. Since the wind coming off the lake wasn’t such that it would rip one’s lungs out, Dad suggested we head “downtown” to look at the Christmas lights. I had never been “downtown” before, and at first thought that my humans were going to put me in the crate, so I put up a fuss.

Mom put my collars on, which she refers to as my “jewelry”, and we loaded up in the van. The fact that Mom got my jewelry on in itself was a feat, because as soon as I saw it, I got so excited, I started dancing and prancing until Dad hollered at me to sit still. Then I flopped over with my butt in the air and made Mom work to fasten those collars.

Once we got on the expressway, it moved quickly and smoothly, and I watched out the window with interest at the passing cars. Dad played Christmas music, and we were all feeling kind of festive as we zipped along in the dark.

The closer we got to the downtown area, the more people started to drive like madmen. Dad could handle the traffic, but I think it got on Mom’s nerves because she started saying, “Oh, God” a lot. We finally reached the street Dad wanted, then we were stuck in stop-and-go traffic. That gave me the opportunity to really look around.

I can hardly describe “downtown”. There must have been a million people out. They were walking everywhere and seemed to have absolutely no fear of traffic. There was a beautiful black and white horse, tossing its mane and pulling a carriage (which looked really cool, but Mom said it shouldn’t be out in the street with the cars that she felt sorry for it), and cars and taxis were everywhere.  If I had hopped out of the van I could have walked on top of all the cars, they were so backed up, bumper to bumper.

But besides the crowds of people and throngs of cars and horses in the street, there were the most indescribable Christmas lights, wrapped around every tree and lighting up the night like a Winter carnival. We drove past the big Christmas tree, which was done up in blue lights. We passed the Christmas market, with its stalls of wares out and everyone looking to buy something.

And amidst all this noise, and hustle and bustle, and city energy zapping everywhere, I barfed like a big dog in the back seat of the van. Yep. It all came out like lava, and poor Jamie was sitting right next to me when I started heaving.

Dad said, “We’ve got to get back on the expressway. She can’t stand the local traffic – she’s got a touchy tummy.” (Thank goodness for Dad). Mom saw a big McDonald’s and suggested we stop so that she could clean up some of the mess before we started the return trip home, and everyone agreed to this. So Dad parked the car and he and Jamie went in and came back years later with piles upon piles of napkins. Then Dad took me for a walk and Mom started cleaning up.


I had totally had enough of big-city nightlife on the way home. I stretched out and covered every square inch of the back seat, not caring a fig for making Jamie sit a “one cheek sneak” on the very edge of the seat. I put my head in my front paws and started to doze off just as Dad pulled into the driveway.

When I got in the house I made a beeline for my chair. I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow. What a night!

Woof! Love, Maggie

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