11/30/14 Cupola’s Tree House, Bourbonnais, IL

After yesterday’s barfing incidents, the humans decided not to take me Christmas tree hunting today. I understood, and wasn’t up to being in the van again, anyway. So I took a nap while they were gone.

Dad found Cupola’s Tree House in the newspaper three years ago. They have been going back ever since. The Cupolas are Christmas tree farmers. They have a large nursery and replant all the trees. Our city uses the old Christmas trees for compost around the town, so this ends up being better than buying a plastic tree that eventually finds its way into a landfill, or so Dad says. Plus, he likes supporting a small family business.

Anyway, Mom took some pictures since she can’t do much else. Here are “the guys” hot on the chase of a Christmas tree:


Then Mom found a good one they could all agree on, and Dad cut it down:


Mom strictly said, “no power tools” where Dad was concerned! Here are the guys with their quarry on a tree trailer:


My family came home and set up the tree. Well, Dad and Jamie set up the tree. Mom put water in. The tree was very thirsty.

I was surprised to see a tree in the house. I took a bite off a branch but it was bitter, so I decided not to do that again.

Everyone is going to decorate the tree with lights and ornaments later on. Mom wanted it to have a couple of hours to stretch out first. Erik and Jenny are coming over to help so Mom does not have to do too much.

Here is yours truly sitting nicely near the tree.


Woof! Love, Maggie

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