12/8/14 Tip Day

Mom was stressing out today, because today is “tip day”. What that means is, today she gives out Christmas cards and little gifts to the people who provide her and the family with good service all year. People like the postal carrier, the garbage men, the recycle men, and the dry cleaner delivery person. People who brave the weather (and around here, it changes quickly) and do jobs that are dangerous or that we would not want to do.

Mom was afraid she’d miss someone. So she spent all day running back and forth to the big front window. Every time she heard a noise, she jumped a mile. Luckily, she got all the cards delivered.

I thought this was a lovely game! We ran back and forth and back and forth. Then I picked up my stuffed toy bone and we tossed that around a bit. When I was on the floor, Mom would tickle the pads of my paws and then steal the bone from me and throw it.

I’m afraid I got a bit careless because Mom threw the toy and I jumped up, whipped my head around, and in the process, clocked my head on the corner of the coffee table, and believe me, that HURT. Mom dropped to her knees and cradled my head in her hands. Then she ran a cool cloth all over me. I have a small bruise, but Mom ordered me to lie down and rest. Now I’m snuggling on the blankets.

Mom petted me and told me I was a good dog. She says that when she went out to deliver the cards, I was a good girl and “stayed” by the window and did not bark. She is very sorry that I hurt my head.

Mom hung this on the tree and says it describes me perfectly:


Now, I’m going to take a break from the computer and rest my aching head.

Woof! Love, Maggie

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