12/11/14 Saying Goodbye to Bubba

Our family of fish has been steadily dwindling for one reason or another. Holding steady have been the two large (LARGE) goldfish, Spazz (our first fish) and Bubba, who quickly grew to Spazz’ size. Pumpkin, a fancy goldfish, and a pleko, appropriately named, “Turd” (he used to be very mean but mellowed out), are all that remains. I like to look at the fish swimming around – they are very pretty – and I especially like when Mom accidentally spills some flakes on the floor. Yummy!

Bubba had a large growth that seemed to be getting bigger. There are no Vets around here who specialized in fish; so Mom has been researching and trying antibiotics, Lifeguard, speaking to the fish guys at the pet store, etc. For a while, Bubba lived in a Hospital Tank. He rallied and was doing great. Yesterday, he was swimming all over the tank and eating every flake in sight. Spazz and he were inseparable. Aside from the lump, he looked great.

This morning, Mom and I went down to do our usual jobs (feed me, feed the fish, water the tree, start making breakfast and lunches) and Mom stopped up short in front of the tank after she switched the lights on. Bubba was lying on his side, in that dreadful upside-down “C” shape of the dead fish.

She looked at the growth on his side and it seemed worse. Mom cried for Dad to come and retrieve Bubba’s body before the other few remaining fish began to nibble on him.

Dad managed to extricate the large, floppy body with a pair of old barbeque tongs (I told you he was big) and place him in a gallon Ziploc bag. Flushing was out of the question, even for the Titan toilet upstairs that can allegedly handle a bucket of golf balls. Dad threw the tongs away.

Mom disposed of Bubba’s body and hugged Jamie hard. It is always hard to lose a pet, even a fish. The whole family reassured Mom that she had done all she could for Bubba. But I must admit, the tank looks pretty empty without him.

Mom says when these fish are gone, she’s not getting any more.

Woof! Love, Maggie


4 thoughts on “12/11/14 Saying Goodbye to Bubba

      1. K. A. Bryce

        One of the great ironies in this life is that those creatures we come to love so much because they ask for nothing but to teach us how to love them never out last us and we are always having to say goodbye. I hope your mother’s loss, Maggie will be assuaged by your fondness for her and how much she cares about you. Best. Smiles…>KB

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