12/12/14 My Big Ole Head

This hasn’t been a good week for my head. Fortunately, I have a thick skull!

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was playing with Mom and clocked my face on the coffee table.

I also banged my head on the kitchen table. Hard. It’s a tough racket, begging for table scraps!

Tonight, while Mom was throwing me the bone, I ran underneath it (I am proud of how fast I can run), picked up my head, and got conked right in the noggin with the flying chunk of plastic. I didn’t cry or squeak or anything, but Mom about had a fit, running up to me and checking my head and fussing all over me. She said she didn’t throw the bone AT me, she threw it TO me, and I came up underneath it. I gave her a kiss to let her know it was all right.

Once Mom had made sure that I was OK, she started looking critically at the hallway. Now, I admit that I tend to run with the shoes or worse, boots, upstairs, and flail around with them. Hence, there are a LOT of scuff marks on the walls. Big, thick, black, scuff marks. It looks like heavily booted little people were running up and down the walls, playing “tag” or something.

Additionally, Mom found numerous “dings” in the wall where, perhaps, a bone or toy, once thrown, smacked the wall a tad too roughly. Determined to set things right, Mom trooped downstairs and out to the garage (with me close at her heels), and brought out a weird-looking tool and a jar of “spackle”.

Mom set to work spackling up the holes. This bothered me much more than the shot to the head. I felt like Mom was plastering over our good times, and, as I watched her, I let out a whine and put my head in my paws. She gave me an odd look, but kept on going.

Mom told Jamie she is going to have Dad bring home some “Mr. Clean Magic Erasers” to un-do the scuff marks. I like those scuff marks. It reminds me of good times. Mom says we all have to live in the house, and that we will restrict the upstairs area to soft-toy-and-tennis-ball throwing.

Hmpf. I guess she has a point. Look behind me in the picture. It’s a small scuff mark!


Woof! Love, Maggie

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