1/26/15 The Lilting Banshee

It’s far too cold for Mom to send Jamie out to play his Irish music tin whistle outside (for our neighbor, who blasts rock music). So, he has been tootling in the house. Let me tell you, some of those high notes put my ears back!

Mr. Dunne told Jamie that if he could play the song, “The Lilting Banshee” throughout with no errors, he could move on to the next one. I hope and pray so, because I’m calling that song “The Wilting Banshee” since it makes me want to wilt! Oh, there he goes again…


(a bird’s eye view of the tin whistle)

I think I’ll play with my Big Toy until he gets bored. (Wails like a banshee)

Wooooooof! Love, Maggie


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