2/18/15 Mom Smells Good

Mom and Jamie went to the gym (again!) today. I have no idea why they go, but they seem to like it.

Mom is so sore she can hardly move her arm or her neck. She says tomorrow is going to be worse. Then she laughs. I don’t understand this behavior. She rubbed some good-smelling stuff on her arm and now she smells like candy; a Wintergreen Lifesaver, to be exact. If Mom tries to lay down or sit on the chair, I’m going to give a good try to lick it all off!

Jamie is another story. He came back walking like a zombie. He lay down on the couch and I promptly flashmobbed him. He gasped and spluttered and Mom pulled me off. She said, “I know he’s sweaty, stop all that kissy-kissy!” When she turned around, I kissed him again. Woof! Viva le resistance!

I got a new toy today. It’s just like the other one I destroyed: a big tennis ball on a thick rope. The rope is good for flossing my teeth. I have already got part of the fuzzy stuff off the tennis ball. Mom took it away from me and cut off the loose parts but she knows it’s doomed.

That’s about it. Kind of a slow news day, because it is so cold.

Woof! Love, Maggie

2 thoughts on “2/18/15 Mom Smells Good

  1. Susan P

    Humans can be interesting to watch, Maggie. You have a front row seat to observe it. But, tell you what, those of us who love our four-legged family members would often rather spend time with them than with other people. Do you like belly rubs? If so, consider I have sent a virtual belly rub.


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