2/26/15 I Wonder if the Cats Are OK

I had the best day.

Mom was home nearly all day. She only went out for a short period of time, so I spent the day sleeping on the human bed, on my chair, on my blanket, in short, around the whole house, without fear of “the crate”. (I do have to be crated when left alone due to extreme anxiety).

Mom and I also played a fierce game of tug-o-war, and I got lots of loving today. Mom says this is going to become the norm since she is leaving her job at the liberry. She is going to stay home and write and love me. I am so happy! I have come very far from the cage at the shelter.

The day started out with the much-missed sun shining. I slept on the bed in the sunshine and just basked. Mom rubbed my belly and told me I was a good girl. Then she wandered downstairs and eventually cleaned the house. I supervised, but did not try to chase Vacuum Cleaner today.

I was on the alert for the feral cats. They showed up, sunning themselves in a corner of the yard that isn’t packed with snow. However, they are clever. Because to get to the spot they chose, one would have to plow through a lot of snow. So they are smart!

I was shocked when Mom took them out a plate of food. At first, the cats just watched her. But she slipped and the sudden movement made them disperse. Mom left the food in the corner and told me that, under no circumstances, am I to go out and bother the kitties. Hmph! I stood guard against these creatures by the window, and slowly they slinked back to get some chow:


There are two black cats, two black-and-whites, and a huge, fluffy, grey tabby. The cats just seem to look at me except the grey, who fluffed himself up as big as possible and ran for it. The others don’t move regardless of how much I bark through the window.

By evening, it started snowing again. Mom took me out back and was pleased when she tugged at my collar and I obeyed her. I would have run off by the woods to check for the cats, but I didn’t. “Hurry, up, go potty!” Mom said, the cold flakes snaking down the back of her neck and making her shiver. I shivered too, and hurried up. I was grateful for the warmth of the well-lit kitchen when we were done.

Now I am back home, and getting ready to sleep on my chair. But in the back of my mind I am thinking of the cats, and wondering if they are OK out in the snow.

Woof! Love, Maggie

16 thoughts on “2/26/15 I Wonder if the Cats Are OK

  1. paws2smile

    I bet your mom is excited to be spending more time with you from now on! 🙂 Maybe you & your mom can make one of those feral winter cat houses? That way you won’t have to worry about the kitties as much & they have somewhere dry to go when it snows? Something for you & your mom to ponder 🙂

  2. Susan P

    I have some feral cats in my neighborhood. Some of them are friendly and others are very timid. Some of them belonged to people who abandoned them. That makes me feel sad.

      1. maggie0019 Post author

        Mom was going to call the animal shelter to see if they can be trapped and vetted and adopted. They are very skittish though and the woods are large. Maybe if they congregate at the crate we are putting out there…

      2. Susan P

        I think that your Mom and I have a lot in common when it comes to four-legged people. Best wishes, Maggie, with the kitties.

  3. The Patron Saint of Dogs

    Dear Maggie, please make sure you always let Mom win the tug-of-war games. When you win them, it makes you think you’re the big huntress in the family, and that’s why you have so much anxiety when everyone goes out hunting without you. *ear scratches*

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      🙂 Mom will do this thing when we tug and tell me, “Down!” and I lie down on the floor. Then she tells me I am good and lets me have the toy.


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