2/28/15 Dad Was Sick Last Night

We had a scary evening. Dad left for work in the morning with a cold and came home in the evening very sick. He was walking bent over because his back muscles were aching. Every time Dad sneezed, Mom and Jamie flinched.

Mom has been bugging Dad to go to the doctor but he refuses to go. Mom says Dad is going to make her a young(ish) widow. She’s not kidding around, either.

Mom and Jamie ran upstairs, turned down the covers, got Dad’s pajamas ready, turned on the vaporizer, and started the heating pad. Then Jamie came down and helped Dad get up the steps. Mom gave Dad some green medicine and helped him get in bed.

I knew Dad was sick so I jumped in bed next to him and snuggled with him all night. I figured he could use the extra body heat. So I stayed right by his side. Dad asked Mom why I was there and Mom said, “She’s trying to comfort you. She loves you and wants you to feel better. She knows something is wrong.” Dad pet me and said I was a good girl. Then we all fell asleep.


Today Dad feels better. He says he’s going to the doctor but Mom has her doubts. He insists on going to work today but I wish he would stay home. I also wish humans wouldn’t be so silly. I always go to the Vet if I’m not feeling well. I’ll be on hand to take care of Dad when he comes home.

Woof! Love, Maggie

15 thoughts on “2/28/15 Dad Was Sick Last Night

  1. weggieboy

    Here’s something for your husband to consider: There are people with suppressed immune systems who easily catch what others bring into the office. It’s better to stay home and get well than to play Typhoid Mary and infect your coworkers.

    I used to work in a lace where management didn’t understand this principle, and someone in my department typically got a cold in September, passed it on,. and two or more people were sick in the office till April or May.

    Several bosses and years later, I worked for a guy who understood this, and he’d send someone home if they came in sneezing and wheezing, telling them to stay home till they weren’t infectious. That office rarely had people out for illnesses because people rarely caught colds, let alone passed them along.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      (nods head wisely) Mom has called Dad Typhoid Mary before. She has also called him, “jackass”. But Dad doesn’t look like a donkey to me. Maybe he’s a mix? Woof!

      1. weggieboy

        It’s hard for Americans not to come in to work sick for a couple reasons: no sick leave and this idea that you can somehow keep up with your job when you can’t hold your head up.

        I can remember times going in when I was so sick, I barely could stand. What an idiot I was! In fact, I came down with Wegener’s granulomatosis in March 2003 (as best I can determine), and walked around half dead till December of 2003 with this potentially fatal disease rather than see a doctor about constant bloody noses, difficulty breathing, had blood in my urine, and joints aching so bad I barely could walk. After I had to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance after it took me 30 minutes to climb 13 steps from the basement after I took a shower and got ready for work, I learned I had this disease that killed something like 60% of all people who come down with it but do seek care within two months, and 90% within two years.

        That is to say, the reason I felt like warmed over death was I was dying from internal hemorrhaging. When I got to the hospital, my kidneys were beginning to shut down and my lungs were one third full of infiltrate (basically blood and crud).

        It took three months to get me to the point I could return to work. About half of that time was in hospitals from my home town, to the regional hospital in the next town, to the the University Hospital in Denver. Doctors from rheumatologists to urologists to general practitioners to pulmonologists were involved in my care.

        At the University hospital, I had four “herds” of doctors a day stop by regularly each morning, uncounted internists, nurses, nuitritionists, etc. etc.! I even had a couple of doctors come over from National Jewish Hospital, which specializes in asthma and other respiratory (and immune system issues).

        Know what? The factory didn’t have to close because I wasn’t there doing my job!

        I tell you this not to get sympathy (I’m in remission) but to make a serious point about not ignoring symptoms so you can avoid seeing your doctor. I’m lucky not to be dead for my pig-headedness!

      2. maggie0019 Post author

        I for one am glad you are in remission. (licks hand). You make so many good points. Dad being the sole supporter of the family and all that, but Mom keeps saying what will happen to us if he doesn’t take care of himself?? (shakes head sadly) he didn’t go to the doctor today. Mom is heartbroken, and now she feels ill. 😦

  2. hitandrun1964

    Sweet Maggie, men are not as clever or intelligent as women, dogs and cats, that’s why he won’t stay home or go to the doctor. He will always do silly things like this so don’t get your hopes up. He won’t ask for directions either so be sure to watch where you’re going when he takes you for a walk.


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