3/28/15 Jamie’s Incredible Flying Machines

Jamie loves to play with toys that whirr, zoom, and zip around.

He’s got model trains, model airplanes, remote-control cars, and now…a drone.

Jamie used to have helicopters, but I became quite proficient in jumping up and snatching them out of the air when he would attempt to land. Mom really didn’t mind the destruction of the helicopters, because she said they made a noise like a dental drill, which gave her the heebie-jeebies (whatever those are).

The drones are a completely different story.

Much quieter than the helos, Jamie has become adept and flying the drone around the house and hovering it maddeningly over my head. Naturally, this gets me VERY excited and wound up. If I can’t reach the drone, you can bet I can reach a shoe or boot. Then it’s a hot sprint up the stairs and down the hallway. The game is afoot! Woof!

Usually, Mom comes to the rescue and puts everything in order. Then the drone is packed off until the next time that my young human is feeling “teasy”. Even though I snatch some footwear, Mom usually takes my side in these escapades, saying that Jamie, “drove me to it”.

Another fun time is paper airplane flying. Jamie likes to make up his own designs out of scrap paper, and fly them around. Jamie throws the paper airplane and I watch it gracefully loop-the-loop. Then I spring forward and grab it and tear it to pieces! Who needs a shredder? Maybe Jamie should launch that pile of bills Mom has sitting on the counter. Then she wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore, right?

Woof! Love, Maggie


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