6/6/15 A Day or Two Late

Mom’s had a headache, and I’ve been watching over her for the last day or so. She’s better now and resting, so I have some time to do a blog.

Upon Laurel’s excellent suggestion, the humans decided to go to the Original Rainbow Cone for an ice cream treat. The “regular” Rainbows are HUGE so they all opted for “smalls”. I got a hamburger on the way, and while they slurped down their ice cream, I gobbled my burger (but left some of the bun).


For this outing, all the humans wrestled me into the harness. I was very excited and happy to go.


We went in the big van. Mom had given me motion-sickness meds earlier in the day, so it was good.

Mom swears Rainbow Cone hasn’t changed a bit since she was a young girl. Here is the back side of the building. It’s been pink forever!


Usually, the large ice cream cone at the top of the building is illuminated. However, it wasn’t quite dark enough yet for them to light up “the cone”.

After we had our treats, Mom and Jamie walked me around the parking lot. There was a lot of glass in the grass, so we had to be very careful. Someone must have broken a bottle out there.

We had a wonderful outing and Mom is very pleased at how well I did with the harness. Now it’s just a matter of putting it on (I’m always so excited)! Woof!

Love, Maggie

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