6/29/15 Pulling Weeds, and Further Pawgress!

From what I have heard the humans discussing, this June 2015 has been the cloudiest, most gloomiest June on record. Not to mention that it has rained like, every day and the backyard is flooded. Which does not make my life easy as you can imagine!

There was a little sunshine yesterday morning, and Mom marshaled the troops outside to pull weeds, cut down errant little trees (that spring up from those helicopter-thingies), and trim bushes. I got to go out in front with the humans, and watch them groan and sweat. Mom said that at first the sun felt good on her back but that got old quickly. Nonetheless, they were happy it was sunny for the first half of the day, and got a lot of work done. Dad says the house doesn’t look like a “foreclosure” anymore, and they all took a dip in the pool afterwards.


sniff, sniff! goodbye, weeds.

Today dawned grey and gloomy and naturally, it rained for most of the day. Since Dad went to work early this morning, Jamie and Mom “sucked it up” and finished cleaning out what is now the train room. Here is a panoramic view of the train room before the trains are added.


The shelving that is to your left will hold train cars. Locomotives may be too heavy, as this was a DIY project with some pieces of plastic gutter. Quite clever, actually; the humans found the idea on Facebook.

The green table jutting out to the right is the train table proper. Jamie would like to add another, under the window, where the bed used to be, and join them with a trestle bridge. He also has the entire floor for his Lionel Fastrack, and the closet for airplanes.

I’m very proud of my humans for working so hard and getting the job done on schedule. It is amazing to think that one could barely walk in that room a week ago, and now the whole place is empty and clean.

I will post pictures when Jamie sets up his trains.


Love, Maggie the Engineer

3 thoughts on “6/29/15 Pulling Weeds, and Further Pawgress!

  1. AmyRose

    Digging in and getting the job finished is not easy. Procrastination …. I’ve been guilty of that myself. You ought to be proud of your humans for sticking to what needed to be done. YAY!!! Woof!! ❤


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