8/20/15 Guest Bloggers: Mason and Murphy, “The Camping Trip” Part 2

Hello, Mason and Murphy back again to pick up where we left off regarding the camping trip we took with the humans.

As you last recall, we had finally got to the campground. Night had fallen and it was very, very, very, dark; so dark not even we could see anything. Dumbfounded, the humans went to the office (which was closed) but found their packet waiting in the mailbox. They had no idea how they were going to find the campsite when a nice man in a dune buggy appeared out of nowhere, led them to their camp, and helped them get plugged in and set up.

A couple of burgers later and we were ready for “Quiet Time” which started at 10:30. We dogs were tired, the humans were tired, and everyone got ready for bed.

Which is when they discovered that the table that was supposed to lift up and turn into a pull out bed would not budge. In the least.

An emergency plan was made: Anthony would sleep with his grandparents on the bed in the back. Jamie would sleep on the one fold out bed (which had a deep crevice in the middle), and Uncle Jim and Aunt Liz would take the top rack. To gain access here, one had to step on the bench, the top of the bench, and hoist oneself up. It was small. Aunt Liz was claustrophobic. But it was no worse than the three humans crammed into their bed.

We dogs stay with Jamie and crowded him.

The next day, we all ate breakfast around the fire and we felt much cheerier.

We took a ride in “the bus” to town, Egg Harbor, and then to Dyckesville and Twin Sisters. (“What kind of places are you taking us?” Aunt Liz cracked.) Here is a view of the harbor:


We stayed with our parents and enjoyed the breeze, while Uncle Jim, Aunt Liz, Jamie, and Anthony went for a bike ride by the lake.


They ended up at the Lighthouse and in total, biked 9 miles.


We got back to camp in one piece and Aunt Liz told Uncle Jim she was going to make some dinner and needed “glowing coals” for the fire. Dad and Uncle Jim thus proceeded to burn nearly every piece of wood they had plus coals until there was a roaring fire. Aunt Liz looked skeptical. “That’s not glowing coals,” she said.

Uncle Jim grabbed her precious Dutch Oven and threw it on the fire while it was still going.


Suffice it to say, Aunt Liz had to do some pretty fancy footwork to save that meal!

Soon it was night and we were exhausted from our adventures. They tried picking up the table again but it didn’t work. So the humans all went back to their designated sleeping spots. It was a tight fit.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. We dogs and Aunt Liz heard it first. She looked out the window and saw a yellow light. Terror seized her as she thought something was on fire and we had to evacuate! With much effort, she (half shoved) Uncle Jim down from the top bunk and he (without his glasses) sleepily went to answer the pounding at the door, only to realize he could not work the deadbolt and we were locked in.

“Jamie, open the door for your father!” Aunt Liz shouted. Sleepily, Jamie sat up and simply said, “Dad, open the door.” “I can’t open the door,” Uncle Jim said to the man outside, and prepared to go back to bed. “Oh, God, if this were a real emergency we’d be dead by now!” Aunt Liz shrieked. Everyone was up by then.

Finally, Jamie shook himself awake and opened the dead bolt. A night watchman stood there with a neighbor, who told us that something inside the RV had broken and all our water leaked out in a river and was flooding the street. They had turned our water off. The night watchman had an amber light on his dune buggy, and that was what Aunt Liz had observed from her window.

No one slept for the rest of the night. In the morning, the humans had to investigate the problem and discovered that the hot water heater had broken and leaked out all over. Tinkering was done, but hot water was not restored. Our parents were upset about the RV. Everyone decided the thing to do was to take showers in the community bath house area.

Got to run for now, tune in for Part III!

Woof! Woof! Mason and Murphy

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