8/21/15 Guest Bloggers: Mason and Murphy – The Camping Trip Epilogue

Hello, Friends!

Maggie wants her blog back and so we are going to quickly wrap up the rest of the trip for you.

We left off with the humans deciding to use the public facilities at the campground. While showering in there, Aunt Liz got stung by a hornet – twice. She was all alone and said it was good luck and a blessing that she turned out not to be allergic! Later, Mom saw the same hornet and shooed it out on her bath towel. Jamie reported seeing it in the Men’s Shower not long afterwards.

During one of our visits to town, our Mom slipped, fell, or somehow twisted her bad knee (making it worse) getting out of “the bus” that was the rental car. We must repeat, this “bus” could seat 15 humans and was at least a foot and a half, two feet off the ground (from the step to get in). So Mom was sidelined for most of the day after that. Poor Mom! Murphy and I did our best to comfort her.

We visited a famous restaurant that had a herd of goats on the roof! They had delicious Swedish pancakes. Here is a picture:


Later, all the boys (except for us) went go-carting. It was a fun evening.

After passing several days with no hot water, Aunt Liz stated to the entire company that another storm was due to hit the area Monday. We were supposed to be back at the rental place in Illinois early Tuesday. What was to be done? Stay squished inside the camper while the rain fell, and try to pack up in the mud, or make a break for it while it was still dry? Aunt Liz voiced the opinion that she didn’t like the idea of Uncle Jim driving straight through again, especially in the rain after the last storm, and Mom swiftly agreed. She was in the kitchen packing up before you could say, “thunderbolt”. Aunt Liz joined her in a frenzy of activity.

We have never seen humans break camp so fast. They spent one last night in the RV and then, in the morning, hit the road. They took “the bus” back to the rental place where the lady argued that it was short one (1) gallon of gas. We watched from the window at all the eye-rolling. Then the humans piled back into the RV and hot-footed it Milwaukee, where Uncle Jim had used his phone app to arrange for a pet-friendly overnight visit.

Aaah! Civilization! My brother and I got baths from Mom, and clean, new neck scarves. The humans swam in the hotel pool and laughed at their misadventures. My Mom and Dad told Uncle Jim and Aunt Liz they were good sports. Jamie and Anthony had had a blast, and somewhere during the week, Jamie turned 15.

So, our tail comes to an end. It was a fairly quick ride home (about 3 hours, Human Standard Time) and we unpacked, cleaned, washed the RV, and then returned it.

Next vacation – ??? Probably will be a week at a pet-friendly hotel.

Thanks so much for reading and letting us share Maggie’s blog.

Woof! Woof! Mason and Murphy

5 thoughts on “8/21/15 Guest Bloggers: Mason and Murphy – The Camping Trip Epilogue

  1. Susan P

    If they forget, you can remind them. I remember the year my sister and I (back in the dark ages) packed up and drove from PA to California and back. The first night out we had reserved a tent in the mountains of west PA. It rained and thundered all night long. What a night.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Oh, my! (shakes head) I’m glad I wasn’t there to get my fur wet. lol WP is letting me approve comments again. Wonder how long it will last – ???


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