A new blog, I guess it runs in the family

My young human Jamie has started his own blog on WordPress and I’d like to share his address with you (hope I do this right)


He’s writing a science fiction story that seems interesting! I hope you will give it a glance.

In other news, Mom’s punctuation test came out A-OK! She said the hard part was studying for it. But she’s good for 10 years! I’d like some credit for sticking by her side while she went through the throes of studying. (takes a bow)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening. Since Mom had the test today, Dad took the day off work to take care of things. It’s nice having the Alpha Male around! We don’t get enough time together.

Woof! Love, Maggie

11 thoughts on “A new blog, I guess it runs in the family

  1. hitandrun1964

    You are SUCH a good dog, Maggie. I know your mom appreciates all the things you do for her…well, most of them anyway:) Soooo happy her punctuation exam went well and she aced it.


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