Mom has gone nuts

Oh my, this is funny in a not-funny way. Mom has gone nuts, I mean, she’s gotten as bad as the rest of them.

Mom and Jamie both wear disposable contact lenses. It’s safer, less risk of infection, and one doesn’t need to keep buying the solution for monthly wear lenses. Jamie keeps his in a separate bag from Mom’s. Compared to Mom, Jamie is quite blind with astigmatisms, and has to wear a toric lens.

Mom got up this morning and put on her contact lens (she only wears one, in her right eye). The eye felt irritated and scratchy, so she took out the lens (it had a tear) and threw it away. Eye stinging, she grabbed another lens and put it in. But things were still slightly blurry. Mom thought it was because her eye was scratched and it wasn’t a big deal.

At 1:30, Jamie called and said he’d been dismissed early today – could Mom come pick him up? Mom grabbed her car keys and out she went.

While on the road, she noticed the speed limit sign said, “455”. Hmm. Autobahn? The next sign said, “200”. Mom retrieved Jamie and called Dad. She said something was drastically wrong with her vision. Dad didn’t answer, so Mom left a message and gingerly drove home.

Dad, meanwhile, had gone into panic mode thinking Mom had had a stroke or some complication from her recent test.

It wasn’t until Mom had gone upstairs and looked at the bathroom counter when she realized she’d inserted one of Jamie’s contacts into her eye after the torn one. Whew!

I can’t believe Mom didn’t realize she was putting in someone else’s contact. Like I said, she’s gone nuts! (smh)

Woof! Love, Maggie

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