9/27/15 A Home Show

Today, my human Erik hosted a “Pampered Chef” home show. I had never seen a home show before, and I was anxious to see just what would happen.

Turns out, it was very interesting! The P.C. lady came to the house, dragging bags and bins behind her, and got things all set up on the table. Soon Erik’s guests arrived. Everyone was given jobs to do: slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, shredding. Everyone worked at the table, even though they were strangers to each other. It was nice to see all the humans cooperating.

Pretty soon the house started smelling good!

Then everyone sat down and ate the food they had prepared, using the “Pampered Chef” materials.

Erik played the part of Host With the Most to a “T”. Mom and Dad took turns holding my leash and watching over me. The human guests laughed and talked and had a great time. In between, they paid me compliments and gave pats and ear scratches. I gave tail wags and kisses in return.

Dad and Jamie sampled the food, but Mom only sampled the rice and a tiny bit of cake since she doesn’t eat meat and is trying to limit sweets.

What I liked about this home show was the way everyone worked together to create a meal.

What I did not like about this home show was that the cookware appears to be overpriced. Erik does get some products for free, however.

What I really liked about this show was that I got to eat the leftover chicken breast mixed in with my kibble!

I am looking forward to Erik receiving his free gifts from “Pampered Chef” so that he can cook some more, and make me a pampered pooch!


Love, Maggie

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