Just a note from Liz

Hello, everyone.

As many of you who read Maggie’s blog are aware, I have somewhat of a ticklish – to say the least – relationship with my in-laws.

I was advised that Grandma (Jim’s mom), who turned 90 years old this week, has begun hospice care, and the prognosis is around six months for her. She has dementia, (which I wouldn’t wish on anyone), and heart issues, and is just shutting down over time.

The cousins are having a party for her this weekend. I don’t know if she’ll remember it, but I think it’s a good thing to do, to bring the family together while she is still with us.

However, I’m still really stressed out about going to this party. I would appreciate any good thoughts sent this way over the weekend.


Maggie’s Mom, Liz

16 thoughts on “Just a note from Liz

  1. K'lee L.

    …I would share with you something a friend told me once: Remember you are not your situations, you are not an upcoming future, or some time in the past. YOU are right now and right now is the best place to be when we are looking at some future event with trepidation or any ‘negative’ emotion.
    Consider how you’d really like this weekend to pan out? What scenario(s) feel calming or good as you think about them? Make those ‘feel good/calm’ scenarios your mantras now… do not wait. See the best possible outcome to this weekend that could ever occur and then dare to hold tight to the belief it can and will happen… I wish for you the best possible outcome this weekend AND that you see the beauty inherent in remaining in the right now.


  2. hitandrun1964

    Bring a book. Leave it in the car. If things get too terrible/stressful, slip away, read for a bit and then, when you can breath again, go back to the party. You can always say that Maggie called and needs you to come home right away. Or, you can stay home and save yourself. Whatever happens, I’ll laughter and calming thoughts your way. Good luck. Do the book thing. It helps.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Great idea! I am currently reading the “Masters of Rome” series and am on the 3rd book, “Fortunes Favorites”. It’s excellent and would provide a great diversion. Thanks!

  3. loisajay

    Can I tell you how much I feel for you? Hold your head up and go. Put in an appearance. Whatever they think of you, you are not. You are there to support Jim. Bringing a book is such good advice. I would say bring Maggie…..but, well….. Hang in there, Liz. You can do it. Good vibes heading your way now.

  4. Susan P

    I do not envy you.

    One of my favorite refuges is the ladies room. You can safely stay there for 5 – 10 minutes without being missed. Think up some questions that you can ask other people and let them do the talking. Watch the other people. It is quite possible to become almost invisible in a room full of people. Smile.


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