Ding, Dong, Ditch

I’ve mentioned before how we live in the last house on the cul-de-sac next to the woods.

Mom, Jamie, and Erik all helped put up the Halloween decorations (also previously mentioned), including a six and a half foot Dachshund wearing a mask with three owls in hats perched on his back, and a banner reading, “Happy Halloweiner”. Right now, our house is kind of noticeable, since not many people have decorated yet around here.

Dad wasn’t home from work. Mom had just posted something about the Jerome/Joker character on “Gotham” when the doorbell rang. We have a sign up that says, “No Solicitors” but apparently, no one knows what that word means, and we also have a sign that says, “Dog On Premises”. This did not deter our late-night doorbell ringer, who stood silently when Mom yelled, “Who is it?” How creepy is that on a dark night next to the woods?? And the side porch. Anyone could be lurking on the side porch. Mom looked through the window but couldn’t see a thing. Did I mention it was very dark?

SOMEONE was out there, and every hair on my back stood on end to prove it. I barked lustily (I like that word) and growled with all my might. Mom screamed through the door that she would call the police. Jamie came downstairs in his gym shoes, armed with a tennis racket. I guess we made enough noise that our evening caller decided to vanish into the woods.

Ding dong ditch, indeed! These darn Halloweiners.

Woof! Love, Maggie the Protectress


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