10/13/15 I Get Another Bath, and A Big Day Tomorrow

Hello, I am sorry if I mentioned this before, but tomorrow Mom’s agent wants me and her to come out and take something called, “publicity photos” because we are being featured in Ms. Nancy’s October newsletter. (Still no word of a book deal yet, paws continued to be crossed.)

Therefore, I had to take another bath. Mom says the first bath was “necessity” since I rolled in the cat poop (sigh) and this one is “vanity” because she wants me pretty n’ fancy for Ms. Nancy.

I had a nice dinner, then Jamie took me outside. When we came back in, we all walked upstairs (I was still on the leash) and I thought we were going to play with my toy bone. How wrong I was when they hustled me into the bathroom and turned on the walk-in shower. I hung my head with dismay. I knew what was coming next!

Jamie commented that I was so “chill and dopey” in the shower. Actually, during bath time, I am quite submissive. This way, it gets over faster. Mom is always careful about washing my face with a cloth and she did give me a soapy, lovely, tummy rub and a scritch behind the ears. That wasn’t bad. Jamie doused me with the hand-held shower (he always makes sure the water is warm enough) and then cut the water off at Mom’s signal. Mom draped me in a huge towel (“She looks like a racehorse!” Jamie laughed), and toweled me off pretty well.

Not well enough that I didn’t spray her when I shook. Then, I jumped on the bed and shook. Mom had beaten me to the punch, as they say, by putting down an extra blanket beforehand.

I rocketed around (you know me with no collar) but Mom said she wanted me completely dry before she put the collar on so it would not leave marks. Here I am playing with the aforementioned toy bone, delighted the bath is over:


Today, Mom took me to the Vet to get my nails clipped. Dr. Craig also gave her prescription medication to give me for nausea. We have a long trip tomorrow, and Mom wants to make sure I am comfortable. The human Dramamine wasn’t working, and she thought she’d pull out the big guns. Mom doesn’t want me stressed out and uncomfortable. She says she is stressed out enough for both of us. Mom whispered in my ear that she is glad I am going. She says I’ve got her back.

I’ll be full of news tomorrow, thanks for all your good wishes and prayers…keep them coming, pretty please!

Woof! Love, Maggie

6 thoughts on “10/13/15 I Get Another Bath, and A Big Day Tomorrow

  1. Deziz World

    MeeeeOW Maggie dat’s pawsum mews. Well not da baff, but da foto shoot. Bet yous lookin’ and smellin’ luvvly. Meez never worn a collar, but sis Lexi used too and she sez there’s just sumfin’ ’bout dat nekkid feelin’ when it be off dat yous just wanna go a little cwazy at furst. Reality eventually sets in and yous want it back cuz it kinda means yous belong to sumone who luvs yous enuff to want da world to know. Dat’s da way me feels ’bout meez hawrness when we go out. Good luck and tell yous mommy to not be so stwessed. Everyfin’ is gunna be alwight and work out purrfectly.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. loisajay

    Oh, I cannot wait to hear, Maggie! You will just knock here out (figuratively speaking, of course!) with your charm. Wishes and prayers to you and mom. Go get her, Maggie! ❤


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