10/18/15 Take A Leak, or I See Spot

Mom looked up and noticed a Spot on the ceiling in the kitchen. This was a couple of weeks ago. Mom wasn’t sure about the Spot, so she painted over it.

The Spot came back with a vengeance.

Mom told Dad she thought the upstairs toilet was leaking. Dad said, “Impossible” because he had just fixed the toilet.

The Spot got worse. Mom started to worry.

She said, “I think the toilet is leaking. It’s probably not the flush mechanism you fixed, it’s probably the wax ring underneath.” Dad said, “It’s probably the shower. I’ll look at it.”

So another week went by. The Spot began to look like a large bruise on the cheek of the ceiling.

Mom said, “We are going to get mold in here. And someone is going to sit down on that toilet and fall right through the ceiling!”

Mind you, nothing – nothing – gets done around here unless there are dire consequences to contend with. I guess the idea of sitting on the throne and then finding himself on the first floor kitchen in a compromised state shook Dad out of his “Spot” complacency. He and Jamie went to Menard’s to look for Stuff to Fix the Toilet. When they came home, Dad said he wanted “just to check the score” of the ballgame. Mom said, “That’s how a five-minute job turns into a five-hour job. I’ll check the score for you and let you know what’s up. Turn off that TV.”

Defeated, Dad went to work disconnecting the toilet and replacing the seal.

It looked something like this:


Disgusting dead toilet!

Anyway, things went along pretty smoothly, even though Dad’s team lost the ball game.

Mom helped Dad clean up the wax residue and then they installed the new seal. Dad managed to squeeze in on the floor between the toilet and the toilet paper roller-thingy. Delighted to see Dad on the tiles, I jumped on his chest and started licking his face. I’m sure my moral support helped a lot, because he got that toilet fixed “lickety-split”!!!

Mom came downstairs and painted over the Spot on the ceiling with some mold killer. Now the Spot is white. Dad says we are going to watch it for a day or two to make sure there is no more leaking; then Mom will repaint the Spot to the proper color.

What a way to “seal” the weekend!

Woof! Your little Plumber’s Helper, Maggie

11 thoughts on “10/18/15 Take A Leak, or I See Spot

  1. Deziz World

    MOL Sowry yous human pawdee box spwung a leak and ruined da weekend. But weez sure yous help was what got it all fixed. they kuldn’t have dun it wiffout ya’. We hope dat did da twick and da spot be gone furever.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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