10/31/15 Happy Halloween, An Update, and Thank You Again

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Mother Nature has again played her “trick” (last year it was snow) and this year it is rain. Hence, we have hardly had any trick-or-treaters. However, when these little goblins do show up, I guard the house, then greet everyone with tail wags. I want a treat every time I go to the door, too!

Here is an update on the human Jamie. He definitely had a reaction to amoxicillin and cannot ever take it again. Mom worked very closely with the doctor and they combined antihistamines with steroids to combat the rash, which started on his forearms and eventually covered a great deal of his body and part of his head. It was a severe reaction; Mom and Dad were ready for a trip to the hospital, but the steroids kicked in and did their job before it got to that.

Mom was so frightened that Jamie’s throat or tongue would swell that she made a small space in his room and slept there last night. But today the rash is practically invisible to the eye, he is not itching or swollen, and is on a medication regimen that will take him through Thursday. His foot is better too; no limping or pain. THANK YOU to all who sympathized and sent Jamie good wishes and Mom and me advice. Allergic reactions are definitely nothing to play around with, and I am happy and wagging my tail that today my young human is smiling again and could throw my toy.

CB and Weggieboy gave great suggestions on how to upload the newsletter. I will try that for Mom and see if I can surprise her with the newsletter uploaded. I am so glad to have helpful friends.

Whoops! Is that the doorbell again?

Woof! Love, Maggie

7 thoughts on “10/31/15 Happy Halloween, An Update, and Thank You Again

  1. hitandrun1964

    I had a minor reaction to the same drug. Red dots all over but I stopped taking it and didn’t need to see a doctor. I can’t take any of the “collins” now because of it. I’m soooooooooo happy he’s doing better. It’s terrifying when you think they can’t breath. Deb used to get like that. Went to ER all the time.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      it was really scary the way the rash just kept coming. spreading slowly over almost his entire body. from behind his ears to the bottoms of feet. awful.


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