11/21/15 The Snow Comes Down

The snow comes down with intent and purpose. It colors the yard in shades of cold and quiet. I do not want to go outside.


Dad and Uncle John are concluding their sad business at the funeral home for Grandma. Mom and Jamie have been working in the kitchen while Dad is gone.

I think I have the right idea for a day like today.


For those of you in cold weather climates, like me, keep warm and snuggly.

Woof! Love, Maggie


10 thoughts on “11/21/15 The Snow Comes Down

      1. colinandray

        Yes Maggie, but us humans have to always find a special place to go …… you “guys” can go pretty much wherever you want, and whenever you want. I think you have the advantage! 🙂

  1. hitandrun1964

    We are getting hit hard Liz. I don’t know how many inches we have, so far, but it’s so horrible out there. I think the northwest side is getting the worst of it. I hope you stay warm and toasty, like Maggie. It’s way too early for this.

  2. CrimsonCorundum

    And I thought we were out of luck. We’ve had a little snow already, but fortunately it didn’t stay. My experience is that early snow, means snow that stays until very late (late April at worst). I hope that’s not going to happen this time around. Stay warm, Maggie.

  3. The Daily Blabber

    I have a friend in Michigan that texted me a video of the snow early this morning. It’s not cold here yet. I am not ready for snow… I’m still enjoying the ability to open a window. (most days)


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