11/29/15 Black Friday Flood

I told you I had a lot to say about the last few days. So here goes with the Black Friday events; the day after Thanksgiving.

From what I understand, “Black Friday” is an accounting term, wherein the profits are written in black and the losses in red. Hence, lots of sales = lots of revenue and lots of, I guess, black ink. Everyone goes shopping, and that’s lots of profit.

Erik left our Thanksgiving dinner to go Black Friday shopping in the wee hours of the morning. Mom and Dad had proudly showed the tiki bar to Uncle John and his wife, and we spent some time down there.


In an odd foreshadowing, the guests asked Mom why she had the floor unfinished. Mom replied that the sump pump is tricky and sometimes rain water gets downstairs. Until that was fixed, she didn’t want to do anything to the floor.

Mind you, Mom had mentioned to Dad twice that she didn’t hear the sump pump going, but with the holiday and all its festivities, I guess Dad forgot to check it. It had rained quite hard, and all the snow was gone.

The next morning, (Black Friday), Mom and Jamie were upstairs preparing for the day when Erik arrived from his bedroom (downstairs) and announced that The Basement Had Flooded. Dad had already left for work, and was the recipient of Mom’s angry phone call regarding this.

We all went downstairs for disaster relief and got to work. The boys moved furniture, got the shop-vac and towels, and Mom knocked the sump pump around to see if she could choke it back to life. No dice. Erik tried. Not going to happen, either. Finally, Erik said to Mom, “Look, it’s starting to rain, the pit is overflowing, we just have to take this into our own hands. I’ll check prices and go to the hardware store to pick up a new pump. You look up videos to see how to reinstall one. Jamie will come with me.”

That sounded like a plan, so the humans put all their money together and bought the best sump pump they could find. Mom viewed the tutorials and removed the pump while the boys were at Ace. Dad came home as they were reinstalling the new pump.

The new pump worked like a champ. In just a few minutes all the water was draining and cleanup commenced. Erik had also chipped in and purchased a new shop-vac, and that worked really well. Jamie ran up and down the stairs, dumping the buckets of rain water, set up fans and a dehumidifier, and basically was the point guy. I supervised all the running around, and tried not to step in the 2″ of water by the tiki bar. Dad went back to work.

After an exhausting four hours, the ordeal was over.

Mom said she was extremely grateful that the Black Friday Flood did not happen while we had company over. And she insists that we get a battery backup for the sump pump in the next week. Dad agreed, then took everyone out to dinner.

Needless to say, Mom didn’t get any shopping done!

Woof! Love, Maggie




3 thoughts on “11/29/15 Black Friday Flood

  1. hitandrun1964

    Yay for Erik and everyone pitching in to get it fixed up. Boo to dad who “didn’t hear you,” before it was too late. I am incredibly impressed Liz, that you did the pump and got everything up to speed. I would have laid on the patio until I froze to death or just rented an apartment and sold the house. LOLOL Makes me tired just thinking about it. Maybe with your helpers I would have been fine. Maggie would have cheered me up, no doubt about that.


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