12/3/15 The Perfect Tree

Going back about a week, the family went out to Cupola’s Tree House in Bourbonnais, IL to search for a Christmas tree. I haven’t been able to blog about it because there has been so much other stuff happening. We had a great day, and I’d like to switch the news to something pleasant.

We drove out past the farms to the Christmas tree farm. The farmer, his wife, and son, have run this business for many years. It was a beautiful, snowy day, and we set out with the cart to survey the trees. I think Jamie looks like someone just out of a Charles Dickens novel in this, my favorite picture:


We went to the side of the field that we’ve never seen before. I think it wasn’t opened because the trees weren’t mature yet. The great thing about cutting down your own tree is that is lasts a very long time. Many pre-cut trees that you buy have been cut down since October or November; hence, by Christmas, they are pathetic shadows of their former selves. When you cut down your own, the tree stays fresh well into the New Year.

Dad likes that, after the holiday, the city collects the trees and wood chips them for mulch that is used around the town. Much better than ending up in a landfill!

Beneath the snowy branches, Dad spotted the perfect specimen. We all agreed on it, and here’s his backside, as he cuts the tree down.


Funny thing, being out in the tree “forest”. All the trees look about medium-sized, until you get home! We realized we’d bought the biggest tree we ever had. Dad said it was very full in the “belly”. Here it is, after we’d decorated it:


The top third of the tree has an antique train track (it also has an antique steam train, not pictured; the one shown is a modern diesel) which was given to Jamie by his Papa. Notice the switch hanging down? Jamie can turn the train on and it run around the track atop the tree.

Maddeningly, I can’t get it!

Woof! Love, Maggie


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