12/7/15 Mom: This Diet Stinks!

I’ve been on a diet since after Thanksgiving. Yup, about a week now.

It’s a super charged diet wherein you can only eat certain foods. Certain foods are FORBIDDEN and of course that makes you want them more.

No dairy, no flour, no sugar. This diet is like bread and water without the bread!

On the plus side, I’ve lost almost 8 pounds.

On the minus side, I’m lusting after a PB&J so strongly I’m about to hurt someone. I’m also ridiculously hungry. Before you guys yell at me about the diet, please know, my doctor is monitoring this. My eating day goes something like, “one protein” – breakfast. “One fruit or vegetable” – snack. “One protein and one vegetable” – lunch. You get the idea.

Dinner tonight was baked spaghetti squash (1 cup max) with a dollop of marinara sauce, and I considered myself lucky to get the marinara sauce. I’ve been noshing on kale salad without dressing, so I almost cried with joy at a little tomato puree. And of course, the ever-present glass of water.

I didn’t realize how much a piece of string cheese and half a peanut butter & jelly sammich were my go-to foods until now.

After strictly monitoring my food intake until Dec. 21, I then start a “maintenance” phase, wherein I slowly reintroduce foods. (Note to self: do not stuff face with Christmas cookies Dec. 22!)

Wish me luck!

Your friend, Elizabeth




14 thoughts on “12/7/15 Mom: This Diet Stinks!

  1. colinandray

    When the time comes to be let loose in a food store …. read the labels. You will be shocked at how the most unlikely products are loaded with salt (sodium) and/or sugar. I have to avoid both of those so I read a lot of labels. 🙂

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      well, I had to stop for the Christmas holiday (due to social events, mostly, not eating at home and all) so I am going to kick it again in the new year! I hope I lose 8 to 10 more pounds. (fingers crossed)


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