12/13/15 The Dinner Party

Dad and Mom planned to have a small dinner party with Dad’s friend from work, Gines. Mom made a seafood paella, and was very nervous about it because Gines was raised in Spain and his mom makes a kick-butt paella. So naturally Mom felt just a little pressure.

Dad took Jamie out driving, and the little voice in Mom’s head (not the one she takes medication for) told her to start prepping the seafood early. She was very glad she did, because Gines called and said if it was all right, he would come over early, and make a Spanish chocolate drink. Mom said it was fine to come on over, then frantically called Dad to come back home. Only, Dad didn’t take his phone, and it rang and rang while it sat on the table.

Exasperated, Mom quickly commandeered Erik into action, lighting candles and taking care of last-minute details, like slicing lemons and oranges for the Sangria. Mom was just putting on her earrings when Dad and Jamie sauntered in.

Dad put the leash on me and kept an eye on me. At first, I thought I was going into the crate. But since I was good the last time we had company, Dad said I could stay out. Gines arrived soon after, and pretty soon, everyone was busy in the kitchen.


Gines finished the Spanish chocolate and let the saucepan sit and cool a bit. The Spanish chocolate had cayenne pepper in it, and tasted sweet, savory, and spicy all at the same time. The humans loved it, but I only got to sample a drop or two that spilled by the stove.

Dad and Gines sat at the table, while the boys talked and Mom put the finishing touches on the paella. Nobody was paying too much attention to me, so you can imagine how they felt when I squat down and peed!

Dad said I was a bad dog, and Mom felt shocked that I hadn’t stood by the back door like I usually do when I want to go out. In any event, Mom was totally mortified and embarrassed and said that there was no way I was even getting one grain of rice from the table after that little performance.

Privately, she told Dad that he had one job, which was to watch the dog, and…we won’t go any further than that!

I guess Dad and I are both in the doghouse!

Woof! Love, Maggie

PS – the paella turned out great!


5 thoughts on “12/13/15 The Dinner Party

  1. hitandrun1964

    Next time you see your mom (whisper this to her so your dad can’t hear), tell her to throw water on your dad next time he misbehaves…lots and lots of water…shhhhh! Quietly. I like your new red collar.

      1. maggie0019 Post author

        Mom says: You can’t tell anyone this. Sometimes, when Jim is in the shower, and really getting a lot of steam in there, I sneak in and throw a Dixie cup of cold water over the top of the curtain and wait for the scream…muahahaha!

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