12/15/15 Mind your P’s and Q’s

A bunch of blogs about not much:

Mom: Jamie, what comes after “9Q”?

Jamie: 10p?

Mom: No, not p, Q.

Jamie: 9r?

Mom: No, like, 1Q, 2Q, 3Q, etc. What comes after 9Q?

Jamie: 10Q.

Mom: You’re welcome.



This is finals week at school. Jamie had a swimming final, and had to swim 20 laps. The next day, part 2 of the final was jumping into the pool with a long-sleeve shirt and sweatpants, disrobing under water, and then use the clothing as a flotation device. Jamie is getting an “A”. Mom thinks this is funny because Dad is terrified of water.


Speaking of school, as you know, the young human Jamie attends an all-boys prep school. Many shenanigans occur at this center of higher learning. Recently, there was an incident involving cookies and chrome books (the computer) at lunch, wherein cookies were flicked across the table, and the flicker’s finger became trapped in said chrome book. The end result was that someone slammed the top of the chrome book on the offending digit, hoping to break it, and instead, broke the screen of the laptop. A trip to the both the computer lab and the Dean’s office ensued. Jamie denies any involvement in this incident, but says an innocent cookie landed on the lunchroom floor and had to be executed.


Water, water, everywhere. There is another leak in the ceiling somewhere, and Mom has threatened Dad with serious action if he doesn’t find a handyman like, yesterday. There is more water in the back yard, as the neighbor’s pool is leaking, and of course, I only like to “leak” in the muddy, mushy, mess, and then track paw prints in on the kitchen floor. Mom is going to hit something, between the floor and the ceiling. I think it might be Dad!

Woof! Love, Maggie




15 thoughts on “12/15/15 Mind your P’s and Q’s

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      (sighs) this is my fear. Mom is furious that Dad hasn’t done anything about this new spot and she has started calling it, “the nipple”. That gets Dad’s goat! Woof!

      1. cb

        If it is leaky pipes, checkout ACE DuraFlo

        It costs about the same as a total repipe, but you don’t have to rip out the walls and ceiling.

        I had this done over the summer as I have an older house with galvanized pipe that had more leaks than the Titanic. I had pipe leak repair clamps on top of pipe leak repair clamps and numerous holes in my ceiling.

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