12/22/15 “2319”

I’ve mentioned how Dad was a stand-up comic during his early adult years.

Now, Dad tends to be funny without meaning to. Whenever Dad inadvertently sticks his foot in his mouth, Mom and the rest will laugh and say, “2319!” from the old Monsters, Inc. movie. (In case you don’t get that reference, whenever a Monster came back “contaminated” from the Human world, the guys in hazmat suits would yell, ‘2319! We have a 2319!’ and promptly disinfect poor, said Monster. Usually the same poor Monster, over and over and over again.)

Today, while at a shoe store, browsing at socks, Dad observed (loudly) in the crowded line, “Hey! Those socks look like pants!” Unfortunately, he pointed to a pair of blue jean leggings. Nearly everyone in line cracked up laughing. Mom contained herself until they got back in the car, then she cried with laughter and said, “2319! We have a 2319.” She texted Erik and told him what happened, and he texted back – guess what?

“2319! We have a 2319!” Even Dad had to laugh.

I guess Dad’s reputation proceeds him!

Woof! Love, Maggie


5 thoughts on “12/22/15 “2319”

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      Oh, we had another 2319 today. He asked at the shop if the “bagel had sour cream” and everybody just looked at him. Of course, he meant “cream cheese” lol!!!


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