12/28/15 Snow, Rain, Sleet, Ice

Today the weather is SO WEIRD, we have a mixture that started as rain, turned to sleet, then snowy ice. The driveway has been shoveled (very, very, heavy white stuff) and salted. Mom had to go out on “emergency” and Zeus got stuck 3 times trying to climb back into the garage. We’re all just staying put for a while. It seems like between the snow and tornadoes & flooding, Mother Nature is taking us for a wild ride.

Please stay safe wherever you are!

Time for a nap!


Love, Maggie

3 thoughts on “12/28/15 Snow, Rain, Sleet, Ice

  1. hitandrun1964

    It has been ice sleeting forever! I wonder when it’s going to stop. I stayed in today and Debbie wouldn’t let the kids drive. It’s like a skating rink out there and it just won’t stop. I know it must be heavy because it’s ice and sleet. You stay in with your blankie Maggie and keep your mom and brothers in as well. I’d tell you keep your dad in but he probably went to work. Keep your paws dry.


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