1/7/16 Suitcases, Painting, and Getting Stuck at the Airport

WHEW! I have been very busy these past few days.

Quickly just want to mention that I carved out some time between chew toys and a nap this morning to catch up on my blog reader, but after a while, my “like” button would not work. I don’t know if this is a new feature, a glitch, or what, but please know I did spend a lot of time catching up with you all, whether or not my “like” registered. Anyway!

It all started Sunday night. Mom packed up that square thing the humans take when they go places. I was very suspicious, but only one was packed.

Mom explained it was a “suitcase” and it was for Dad, who was invited to the manager’s meeting in Florida. We live in Illinois, so he’d get away from our cold for a bit. Lucky dog!

Monday morning arrived and Dad’s friend, who has a limo/taxi service, came to pick him up and take him away to the airport. Being Jamie’s first day at school, he rode along and got to ride to school in style! That made going back a little bit easier, I think!

So Mom and I were mostly alone and over the next few days. Mom cleaned the house and put away all the Christmassy things. (Except for what is outside; it has to get a bit warmer for that.) I was very busy at the window and watching the movement outside. I was on guard the house duty and I took this very seriously! The alpha male was gone, and my pack was alone! (Growls softly in throat).

Mom picked Jamie up from school and they worked on some paintings for the downstairs “gallery” and tiki bar. It was quiet in the house, and Mom played soft music for me. Soon I was snoring on the couch while they created.

Jamie painted a supercar that was, in his words, “comprised of elements of all the cars I like” and I think it turned out super sharp and clean. Here is a picture:


Mind you this is all drawn freehand and painted with acrylics. I think it’s a beauty, in a retro-yet-futuristic kind of way! And I love the colors.

Mom painted a couple of little things for the bare wall leading to the tiki bar. She has a lot more to do to fill in the space, but has some ideas. This is what she’s got so far:


These paintings look bigger than they are. The largest is 8X10, the others 6X6.

Yesterday, Dad was to arrive home. But due to security at the Florida airport, he missed his plane by well over an hour (his suitcase, however, was winging its way back to the Chicago airport) by the time he got to the gate. The good news was, he was first in line for the next flight, and got a great seat. The bad news was, he was stuck in the Florida airport for about four hours til the next flight! He went to a bookstore, and got a detective novel, and read that, and walked all around until it was time to get on the plane.

Dad didn’t come home until around 6:15 p.m.; a far cry from the 11:00 a.m. that he was due. Mom had fixed him a special dinner and had it waiting for him. I jumped practically out of my fur when I saw him! He was back! Dad gave me a treat for being such a good dog and taking care of things while he was gone.

Teaser: Laurel and her humans Rick and Eddie came over to fix the “nipple” in the ceiling. That’s an upcoming post – please stay tuned to read it!

Woof! Love, Maggie





2 thoughts on “1/7/16 Suitcases, Painting, and Getting Stuck at the Airport

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      You know, I kept thinking of you the whole time “I think we should wrap your husband in bubble wrap” and there he is stranded at the airport, with security being all snotty with him…I laughed so hard I cried, then I felt very bad later when it took so long for him to get home. I told him, “this is what happens when we get separated” lol!!!


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