Warswf #70 – Rage of the Machine

this story is really taking off!

Strength of a Thousand Men

What?!” screeched SE1A, slamming his claws onto the table, “We’ve been attacked?!

“Yes,” said S111, “We have. The Royal Army waged a sneak offensive against us. Me and Seven-One warned you, but you didn’t want to listen.”

“Balls with what you said,” shot the angry chancellor, ignoring a loud popping sound going through his head, “Whover-the-hell-you-are, bring me a cup of oil. I’m stiff.”

“Excuse me,” said S111 in regards to Honee, who was the one that brought the news, “My employee is not your laborer. Get off your stiff arse and get it yourself.”

SE1A grumbled to himself as he rolled up from his chair. However, his maid, GL338, had heard his tirade and brought him a mug of hot crude.


“…Anyway, said the chancellor taking a swig, I can order around whomever I want. I’m the Chancellor of Mechanika, dammit!”

S111 found this statement to…

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