1/18/16 The File Cabinets

Dad’s an independent contractor, so he technically runs his own business, even though he’s been “with” a company for about 20 years now.

That makes for a lot of paper floating around the house. Things get “lost” and Dad gets upset.

Dad says he’s not good at organization, because he’s an “idea man”. Mom says that sounds like a load of what she picks up in the back yard, and that she thinks he just doesn’t want to put anything away.

Dad made the mistake of trying to boss Mom around the other day by saying, “You’re supposed to be organized. You were an administrative assistant for how many years?!” That got Mom steamed. I cocked my head to the side with interest.

“How am I supposed to be organized with NO TOOLS?” she growled. I was surprised to hear Mom growl. Then she wrote down a list of supplies she wanted, thrust the paper at Dad, and told him to, “get with the program” and buy her some stuff from the office supply store.

She wanted: 6 file drawers, a white board with colored markers and an eraser, a shredder, a trash can, boxes of tabbed hanging files, and regular file folders. Those were her demands, and she was sticking to them!

Yesterday, Dad begrudgingly unloaded all his work stuff from the van, and in the -23 wind chill, went out and bought Mom’s supplies. All of them. Then he and Jamie bumped the heavy boxes down the stairs to the basement. Jamie, from a lifetime of building Legos, is a wonderful instruction-follower, and built the small cabinet for Mom.

Meanwhile, Mom started work right away. She brought down old banker’s boxes, old files, and papers that were stuck in shoe boxes and cubbyholes. Soon, the kitchen table was a massive mess of missives!

Dad would interrupt her, and say, “Don’t we need a file for…?” and Mom would say, “Jim, I’ve already got it.” Then he’d interrupt her again and say, “Shouldn’t we have files for last year’s…?” and Mom would say, “Jim, I’ve already done that.” “Well, what about…?” “Jim, just let me do my thing, please.” Mom gave Dad her “patient” look, and he retreated.

Dad realized that trying to supervise Mom was not going to work. So, he slunk over to the TV and turned on an auto auction. I followed him, and we sat on the couch while the papers flew around in the kitchen. Whirr, whirr, whirr, went the shredder. I didn’t like that sound! Beseechingly, I put my head on Dad’s lap, willing the noisy machinery to stop.

After she had worked for a couple of hours, Mom said she was “done for the day” and “heading up to bed.” Woof! I was so happy for the quiet, at last!

Mom started work first thing in the morning. Luckily for me, she finished today. The whole job was about nine hours’ worth of work. Here is a photo of the resulting organization:


Viola! Mom even put a red basket marked “file” for paperwork as it comes in, so that it’s not lying around upstairs. Dad inspected the files and was duly impressed. Mom even made a big file for me, with all my paperwork in it!

At least, for now, it’s quiet. No more whirring sound from the shredder. But, there’s a big bag full of “shreds” for the recycling bin!

Woof! Love, Maggie

7 thoughts on “1/18/16 The File Cabinets

  1. cb

    Ask your Mom if she can come to my house and help out. 🙂

    At least I made some progress this weekend shredding and otherwise filling the large industrial-sized recycle bin to overflowing with papers that had been piling up on the floor since 2014.

  2. Deziz World

    Well Maggie, furst we gotta say yous daddy is amazin’ fur gettin’ out in dat kinda cold. MOL and yous mommy Rocks, wiff a capital R. Mommy was always really organized afur our pawrtment flooded. She just hasn’t quite gotten back into da swing of things since havin’ da pawrtment remodeled. She is twyin’ tho’. MOL Hope y’all have a gweat day. And fur cats sake, stay warm.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


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