1/25/16 “A Fine and Worthy Companion”

This weekend was absolutely terrible. Both the humans Mom and Jamie came down with different sicknesses. I had to be everywhere at once to take care of them.

Mom asked me not to post too much about it.  I will say that when Mom was lying on the bathroom floor, sick as a … human, I lay there with her and refused to move, except to check on Jamie.

The next day, Mom was shaky but better, and said that I was a “fine and worthy companion” – and certainly loyal beyond belief! Mom gave me extra hugs and treats, and made a “nest” in the bed of the extra blankets and left it there for me to snuggle in. Mom says she doesn’t deserve such a good dog as me. She says she can’t, for the life of her, figure out why my old owner let me go, and says, “we are fortunate and blessed” to have me.


Jamie ended up in the ER, and then back to his regular doctor today.

We are all very concerned that Jamie keeps getting these sinus infections. If he doesn’t do considerably better in a week, Mom may have to take him to an ENT specialist. I hope not. I would hate someone poking around my sensitive nose and whiskers.

Anyway at least all the humans are on the mend here! What would they do without me?

Woof! Love, Maggie



21 thoughts on “1/25/16 “A Fine and Worthy Companion”

  1. The Daily Blabber

    Has Elizabeth gotten Jamie to try a sinus rinse? It worked wonders for me when I was having problems with sinus infections. If she decides to try it, ONLY USED DISTILLED WATER!!! I can’t stress that enough. Glad to hear your humans are on the mend otherwise.

      1. The Daily Blabber

        I don’t use the neti pot personally, I use the bottle version of the saline sinus rinse. There was a time that I couldn’t simply pour the water through my nose because there was so much swelling, so I used the bottle, which you squeeze while exhaling to force the water through. I still use it because that is all I know. Just know there are other versions than the neti pot if it doesn’t work out for you.

      2. The Daily Blabber

        I was thinking… my allergies were the root cause of my sinus infections. Maybe Jamie has allergies, or an allergen that you don’t know about yet. My allergies change with each testing. I developed a bunch of food allergies that were found on my last test, and explained my migraines. Maybe he needs an allergist/ENT. I was lucky that my first allergist was both. She was awesome.

      3. maggie0019 Post author

        I think so, too. He takes a med for asthma and an allegra-D or similar for allergies. I don’t think they’ve got to the bottom of it yet. I am sure he will have to go to an ENT. (sigh)

  2. elizabethcollie

    Hope everything goes well with Jamie, sinus infections are the absolute worst! I get them frequently. Glad to hear your mom’s doing better- I’m sure you gave them both better care than any nurse could! 🙂

  3. noodle4president

    You did a great job, Maggie! I’m happy your mom and Jamie are feeling better. I had to take care of my Mom yesterday morning because she was silly and took her antibiotic on an empty tummy. I held her while she was shaking after she got done being sick. I know I was a good doctor because after my hugs, kisses, and an hour nap, she was able to go to work. Mom can’t figure out why I was thrown away either. I’m glad we found new moms who acknowledge our hard work and loyalty. *ear licks* Noodle

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      I do hope your Mom is doing better. My mom had food poisoning and let me tell you she was siiiiick. Jamie’s back on his feet and back at school today. Hooray for all of us for finding furever homes!


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