1/26/16 The Abuser

You know the abuser

He says he loves you

Yet there you are

Hiding behind your bedroom door

Waiting for him to stop screaming obscenities

And pounding so hard the hinges rattle

You wait for him to go away

And find another target

Maybe you close your eyes

And think of a happy place from before

Maybe you hold your child next to you

Or your dog

You try to cover their ears

And whisper it will be OK

And it will be for a while

When the footsteps walk down the hall

Until the next time he is angry…



5 thoughts on “1/26/16 The Abuser

  1. hitandrun1964

    You said that so beautifully. There will ALWAYS be a next time. Always. Women have to run, even if they think they have no place to go because they are teaching your children that life is violence and that when they say that things will be okay, that just means that nothing changes.


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