Contact Made with Doug!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of cb (, I received Doug (Weggieboy’s) hospital phone number and was able to speak with him this afternoon.

It is my understanding that Doug’s Wegener’s Granulomatosis had been inactive for 10 years. He had a flare up, and when he didn’t show up for work, the curator of the museum he volunteers at came to his house and found him in great distress. Doug says he’s had enough of riding in ambulances! His spirits are great, but he has a long and grueling road ahead of him. The kitties, Andy & Dougy, are being cared for by kind neighbors.

Kathy, one of Doug’s relatives, gave his address at least until the end of the month, when he may be moved. If you would like to send Doug a message of support, please write to Doug Thomas, c/o Amberwood Court Care Center, 4686 E. Asbury Circle, Denver, CO 80222.

*Please note this post has been amended to show the CORRECT address*

Doug can’t believe how much love and support and care his kitties have brought to him via his blog. I will continue to pass information along as I get it, and I know cb is doing likewise. If you follow Doug’s blog, please feel free to reblog his information so that all of his followers know. Thank you very much!


21 thoughts on “Contact Made with Doug!

  1. cb

    Reblogged this on Contrafactual and commented:
    I too spoke to Doug, but Maggie’s post pretty much says it all. Kathy is Doug’s sister. She replied to my reblog of Maggie’s previous post. How I tracked Doug down is a long story …

  2. jazzyoutoo

    I am so glad to read this! I was worried about what might have happened when suddenly his posts stopped being published! I am so happy he is being taken care of and that his kittens are in good hands! I have sent him an email today, I was really worried, a bit less now – thanks for sharing the info about him! Have a great weekend!

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      You’re welcome! Really, cb did all the legwork. When I realized Doug hadn’t posted since mid January, I was having much the same worries. Have a great weekend! Woof!

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  4. cb

    WRONG ADDRESS (numbers transposed by Doug’s sister when she gave them to us)

    “Sorry, but while checking out map quest in Denver, I noticed that I had not written down the address accurately for Amberwood.
    Your package and a letter I mailed this morning should arrive ok as long as Amberwood Court Care Center is in the address. It should be 4686 E Asbury Circle, Denver, CO 80222 – not 4868 E Ashbury. I don’t know how that happened, but please accept my apologies. I gave the incorrect address to several people. My sister said that Doug can take calls, but not call out, so we can call Monday to make sure the citrus arrived.”

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      I posted the correct address, too. My computer has been down most of the weekend but I am back up and running. I hope the blanket package I sent arrives. The post office told me there was a discrepancy in the address…fingers crossed and paws crossed. You were so sweet to pick the citrus and include us. Liz & Maggie

  5. Tina Blackledge

    Thank you so much for the update on Doug. I am so sorry he is flaring again. Please tell him that I hold him in fervent prayers of strength and healing. I am so sorry he has to be away from his kittens. They must miss him terribly. Thank you and please keep updating us. May God bless you abundantly.

  6. foguth

    Thank goodness that this link showed up in Google! Ellen and I have been wondering what happened to Doug and the boys… Ellen was convinced that he’d died and the poor cats were starving!

  7. pilch92

    Thank you for tracking him down. I have been very concerned about Doug and his kitties. I just found out about this post, I wish I had known about it sooner.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      I will continue to post updates. He is possibly being sent to the hospital in his home town, but I’m not sure yet. Paws crossed fur Uncle Doug and the boys!


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