WAR.SWF #83 – The Bubble

If you’re not following this great sci fi tale, you can do so here at http://www.tophat17.wordpress.com It is a story about robots and blobs (also known as Pawns or Shadows) at war.

Strength of a Thousand Men

Robots rip off stuff at times. They don’t rip everything off from other places, but sometimes they do.

For example, when the need for SE1A’s army to have a small transport vehicle many years ago arose, the chancellor sent a spaceship full of robots to Earth to find a motor vehicle design to use, as drafting a new Mechanikii design would take a long time and cost much more money.

Disguised as rusty file cabinets, the team of robots quickly discovered the perfect design: they would send the plans of a 1951 Hoffmann home for use by the MUA. Genius!


Unfortunately, since there was only one ever built on Earth, the robot scouts were forced to scan it and send a 3D model of the car back to Sesiqui. This was only a minor inconvenience; it would be much more logical to simply steal the car, but that was impossible. However, the…

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