2/12/16 A Hair Raising Tail (you’ll see what I mean)

So, hi everyone, sorry I haven’t blogged much lately. I don’t want you all getting the impression that nothing is going on around here because BELIEVE me, all sorts of things are happening.

I’ll start with today. Mom went out to see Laurel for breakfast, but I was more tired than jealous, and since I looked like I was sleeping well, Mom just left me (instead of carrying me down and putting me in the crate).


So there I was, sleeping on Mom’s pillow like a boss until she came home. That’s right! I stayed completely out of the crate. It was a good day!

On to the last couple of days. Tuesday, Dad took off work (clutches chest with paw in disbelief) to help Gines with his storage units. It was like, 13 degrees out and Gines kind of forgot to mention that he has six (6) units that had to be gone through. Dad, thinking he was going to be home around 3:30, wore his felt hat and shoes instead of wool hat and boots. They came home around 10:00 pm, freezing cold, and this is where the tail gets hair-raising.

With much love and respect to Gines, who is an artist, he did bring a lot of stuff to the house to be stored. The most unusual of which is his horse-tail art, which he is trying to sell for boo-coo bucks. He drew up the plans and had the cabinets commissioned himself. Inside the cabinets (Gines was a master hair stylist and his speciality was braids) are braided horse tails, which are suitable to be shown in one’s trophy room with one’s awards for their favorite horse(s).

The problem is, the horse tails look A LOT like human hair. I’ll let you judge for yourself:


And, these cabineted scalps – er, tails – are IN MOM’S KITCHEN. That’s right. She had to move my water dish and food dish and everything to make room for the scalps – umm, tails.

Mom loves Gines and wants to help him as much as possible, but these…hairs…are creeping her out. She says that she feels like she is cooking in the Museum of Natural History! Poor Mom.

Also, after Dad thanked Mom for not crying on Tuesday when they brought in five cases (three with tails), Erik came home and announced that he had done the DNA testing to show what his ethnic background was. He then asked Mom if he could tell her what she was, since now he knew. Mom felt sandbagged.

Mom agreed, knowing Erik can’t keep a secret, and to make a long story short, Mom’s ancestry goes way back from the Mediterranean to Romania, where the bulk of her DNA is. However, somehow, is related to Marie Antoinette’s, who is her very, very, very, distant family member, and then they moved out toward Great Britain. Following the trade route, this makes sense. “So I’m basically a Gypsy,” Mom said. To be honest, she kind of knew it all along.

She kind of felt her privacy was invaded, though, just a little. And she told me that at night as she was scratching my ears. Sigh.

So, that’s been the last couple of days on our end. Mom has spoken to Doug and cb a few times. Doug is sounding well and hoping to go home to his kitties soon. Mom says if anything ever happens to her, she hopes cb is on her side, because “he’s a powerhouse”.

Woof! Hope you’ve all had a good week!

Love, Maggie



4 thoughts on “2/12/16 A Hair Raising Tail (you’ll see what I mean)

  1. hitandrun1964

    I couldn’t stand to have that stuff in my house. Liz, you poor thing. It’s so scary and awful. Good thing you have Maggie to protect you. How long will it be there? I hope not long. Marie Antoinette? OMG and Romania? Wow…well now you know, even if you didn’t want to. It’s sooooooo cold outside. It’s hard to get warm after you get in the house.

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      I’m really trying to think of a place to put them besides the kitchen and dining room. It’s like living in a wax museum or something! I would tell Gines that I was fearful the smell of cooking would invade the hair. But I’ve just got to get them out. 😦 You are right on about the cold. And this weekend is supposed to be bitter. Maggie’s not even sniffing outside – just pees and makes a beeline for the house. lol


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