2/13/16 Seize-her

Today is the eve of Valentine’s Day. To be honest, Mom isn’t feeling it this year. Maybe because of the scalps – um, tails in the house or whatever. She didn’t even decorate. She said there’s too much stuff in the house already. The humans are going out with their friends for dinner tonight. Maybe that will perk her up.


Dad and Jamie are going to the auto show tomorrow at McCormick Place in downtown Chicago. I think Mom and I are going to stay home and read books. Mom is on the 5th book in the “Masters of Rome” series by Colleen McCullough. This book is entitled, “Caesar”.

Caesar is currently fighting raging battles in a place far away from Rome called “Long-haired Gaul” and the battle scene descriptions are incredible. Usually, Mom doesn’t care for books in a series, but these tomes were pretty much written as stand-alones (they will recap what happened in prior books where necessary) and they are so fascinating, Mom can’t put them down.

Very, very cold outside, bitterly so. Last night the wind chill was about -3 degrees. Today it is sunny but no warmer. Brrrr. I’d say a very good weekend to snuggle and read books!

Woof! Love, Maggie

4 thoughts on “2/13/16 Seize-her

  1. hitandrun1964

    You are so right, our temps suck right now. I feel really bad for your mom, having that scary, creepy stuff in the house. I don’t blame her being unhappy about it:( I hope it goes away soon and then she can feel better and have her house back. Maybe she could put everything in the garage and if the person said that’s not good for the stuff, she could tell him to find a better place. You know how important it is to love your space Maggie. When there’s disruption in the force, things get weird. You mom doesn’t need more weird, right? Who does? You’re such a good doggie, Maggie. I like your glasses, you look like Harry Pottdog. That’s a good thing.


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