2/17/16 Who let the dogs out…??

Talk about a weird day…who let the dogs out? It started off OK. Mom had to go to the chiropractor and she let me stay out of the crate. See, I was sleeping like a boss in the human bed and she said I looked so comfy she didn’t want to disturb me.

Mom got adjusted and went to the grocery store. When she came home, I was still in mid-snore and hadn’t even noticed she’d gone. I came downstairs, yawning, smiling, and wagging my tail. She’d brought me a big, juicy, chewbone on the off-chance I’d been good, and since I was, I got it. Delicious!

Anyway, this afternoon Mom had to pick up Jamie from school. He’d gone to Robotics Club and was ready in the late afternoon for his pick up. Jamie’s school is far away, in Chicago, and on a clear, dry, day it still takes a full half hour to pick him up. If Mom drove the speed limit, it’d take longer.

So we get down Lockwood and lo and behold, two horses had escaped from the stables! Mom tried to get a picture, but they were too fast. They had traffic held up on both sides of the street. Everyone was laughing, except for the poor ranch hand that was trailing far behind.

We left the horses and turned out onto the  busy street. While waiting at the light to make a left, Mom noticed a very large, shall we say overweight, guy, wearing a full ski mask, scootering down from the gas station on an orange Vespa. What an odd sight indeed, and I can just hear the guys at the biker bar talking about it!

Meanwhile, while Mom was gawking at the big guy on the little tiny scooter, we started hearing strange noises. Mom thought someone was screaming at Scooter Boy, but turned her head and noticed a bearded twentysomething, wearing a knit cap and smoking a cigarette, shrieking out the open window of a battered red SUV to “Avenged Sevenfold”. He was really rocking out! Fortunately, the arrow turned green and we proceeded to pick Jamie up without further incident at the traffic light.

Turning down the turnpike, we noticed a large van in the middle of the street. Off to the left was a little old lady who had probably just exited the VFW hall (play hot slots today!) minus her front bumper and looking a little shaken up. The guy in the van was scowling at her, getting out his insurance card. Mom nearly pulled over to keep the old lady company until the police came, but traffic was getting heavy, so she kept going to the school.

We got to the parking lot and took our usual spot by the curb. Some kid came out to the car in front of us and threw his green backpack into the back seat. Then his mom moved over so he could drive. Even though there was no one in front of him (the parking lot was practically empty), he started backing up anyway and nearly creamed us. Mom had her hand on Zeus’ horn but I could see the kid’s mom telling him to knock it off so he just drove forward from there.

By the time Jamie came out of school I was whining to go home. I’d had enough of these driving incidents to make me want to go back on the bed and curl up for a nap!

Woof! Love, Maggie




7 thoughts on “2/17/16 Who let the dogs out…??

  1. hitandrun1964

    Oh, my. What an exhausting trip. But you got to see lots of strange things because I know that life is NEVER boring when your mom is around:) You look so happy in your pictures. You’re a good dog, Maggie. Say hi to your mom for me. 🙂


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