12/19/16 BBQ Sauce

I love bbq sauce! Dad has spent years perfecting his own special flavor of bbq sauce. It’s so good, Mom will eat it from a cracker. I mean really. It’s tasty!!

Jamie is going to be schooled in the fine art of making this bbq sauce. Then he’s going to sell it at the farmer’s markets (Mom will help) over the summer. Jamie’s birthday isn’t until late summer, so he can’t get a regular job just yet!

We are all up in arms as to what we should call this excellent sauce. When Dad was making it, he called it, “Jimbo’s BBQ Juice”. Mom thought we should call it, “Maggie’s PIT bull BBQ sauce”, and Jamie is thinking along the train lines of, “Main Line BBQ Sauce”.

What do you guys think? The sauce is sweet n’ heat just like a good sauce should be. If you come up with a good name, please leave it in the comments section – thanks!

Woof! Love, Maggie



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