2/18/16 Doug’s getting the shaft!

I am a little fuzzy on details because my head is still somewhat hurting (I’ve had a medium sized migraine since Monday) – but cb let me know that Doug is definitely NOT going back to Highland in Alliance and they are sending him somewhere else instead. And not today – tomorrow. Which means he’s going to have a co-pay for Medicare. Ridiculous. He didn’t even get physical therapy today.

Doug is P.O.ed and I don’t blame him a bit. I know cb has more details; when he blogs, I’ll reblog and give all Doug’s friends who read this the info.


Your friend, Liz

3 thoughts on “2/18/16 Doug’s getting the shaft!

  1. paws2smile

    Grrrrr is right!! I hope you get relief soon with your head. 😦 I also get them so I understand. Maybe you should go into the Dr’s tomorrow for a pain shot? That’s what I end up doing if my Percoset isn’t helping.


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