2/22/16 Keyless Monday

I suppose as far as Mondays go, today could have been worse. The morning was pretty quiet, but things heated up quickly in the afternoon.

Mom and Jamie went driving and running errands on Saturday. Mom let Jamie do the driving, and he nonchalantly slipped the car keys into his coat pocket. He hung the coat up in his closet, and the next day, Sunday, he wore a different jacket. He went out driving with Dad and Mom didn’t need to use the car all day.

Here we are on Monday and it is 15 minutes before Mom has to leave to pick Jamie up from school. Which is located a half hour away! She looks in her purse and NO KEYS. Frantically tears the house apart and NO KEYS. I followed her from room to room but kept my distance because she was really acting upset!

Mom called Dad but he was way far away in another suburb; he could not help. Mom called Erik, who quickly arranged for some coverage at work, and shot out of the door to go pick Jamie up at school. Crisis averted! Meanwhile, Mom tore Zeus a new one looking for the keys in the car. Nothing.

Notice that if Jamie hadn’t hung his coat up, Mom probably would have found the keys. But who thinks to look for a coat hanging exactly where it’s supposed to be?

After Jamie and Erik returned home, the race was on to see who would find the keys first.

Laundry dumped out. Pants rifled. Purses upended for the nth time. Finally Mom shouted excitedly, “Jamie! Where is the coat you wore on Saturday?!!” Jamie cautiously and with great doubt went to the closet, slipped his hand into the coat’s pocket, and viola.

Once things had settled down, Mom and Jamie went to the chiropractor (Mom drove). Before they left, she gave me a treat and told me to be good. I took the treat to my spot on the stairs and enjoyed it immensely.

Now, home alone. Lights and soft music on – what’s this? Mom didn’t open my crate this time for me to pull out my crate liner. I nosed around and opened the pantry door. Found some of those plastic “party cups” and dragged one out into the living room and chewed on it. Went back to the pantry and stuck my nose in the ginormous bag of dog food and had a taste – OK, still fresh. Played with my rope toy and poked my schnozz out from behind the curtain. No one playing basketball out front. Satisfactory; all satisfactory. Soon my humans came home.

Mom kind of laughed at the party cup and said I’d been good. She gave me a treat and a special lamb dinner. I think I like having the run of the house!

Woof! Love, Maggie


3 thoughts on “2/22/16 Keyless Monday

  1. hitandrun1964

    I agree with paws2smile…you’re such a good girl Maggie. Tell your mom to think about running away for a weekend and just relaxing. :Sure, you’ll miss her…everyone will but she needs a break. Really, she does.


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