3/5/16 Jamie’s Car

Jamie has been making a car.

He’s been making it out of cardboard boxes that have been lying around in the garage. I don’t think it’s going to go very fast, because he is thinking of affixing it to maybe a skateboard.

Before you laugh at the cardboard car, they are making cars from 3D printers, so I would imagine if safety (and airbags) aren’t a concern, why not a paper car? I suppose you would have to live where there was no precipitation. Unlike here, which snowed again last night after what was kind of a nice day. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be 60, then it’s rain for most of the week. I doubt Jamie will be taking out his cardboard “one seater” for a road test very soon, given the amount of water coming out of the sky!

However, he might just wear it as a costume to the comic convention he is going to later in March.

I actually kind of like it! I hope he paints it something shiny!

Woof! Love, Maggie


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