3/16/16 Blowhards

Yesterday was the Primary election for the State of Illinois. All the politicians were out, so it is no surprise at all that last night it stormed, and today the winds are blowing at 50 to 70 mph. The blowhards!


I could hear a terrible racket outside. It was the wind, roaring through the trees that line the swamp. The sound was like a group of semi-trucks charging by. It was quite frightening to hear!


I trotted over to the front window, and looked out. Plastic bags assumed frightful faces, looking for all the world like little goblins, screaming in the sky with mouths wide open – until they are captured by the dead limbs of the trees!

Mom took me out to pee but the wind was so strong, it chased all the smells from the grass, which is struggling through the mud, trying  its best to be green. Back on Breed’s Hill, the tulip leaves are pushing through the piles of sticks and leftover debris from winter.

However, temperature-wise, today was beautiful. Mom said she would have opened the windows, but feared they would be torn from the frames!

About the only characters who seem to be unruffled are these guys, walking proudly in the circle in front of the house!


Woof! Love, Maggie


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