WAR.SWF 99 – The Call

The plot thickens! If you’re not following this blog – you should be! Woof!

Strength of a Thousand Men

This whole situation was too much for Conan. The blinding gray dust and debris flew at him like a sandstorm, which knocked him back and sent the spy tumbling. The police blimp was landing on top of the building at the time, so the pilots were forced to pull the throttle up sharply in order for the airship to not be sucked into the mayhem. This bit disturbed Conan quite a bit because the jumping motion of the blimp tossed one or two more policebots out of the passenger area and sent them plunging.

Then, Conan saw his chance at survival: a little green telephone booth a few yards away. Scrambling, he confusedly sprinted into the booth and slammed the door shut, as the second and largest tidal wave of dust, concrete chunks, metal, and fire cascaded after him.

As the booth shook violently from the force, a thought cameā€¦

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