3/20/16 First day of Spring

Triple treat day with the first day of Spring:


First: Flowers budding in the yard!

Second: Heather and Mike came over for a belated birthday and St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It was great fun to have all the humans back at the house! Dad bought Heather a birthday cake and after they sang “Happy birthday”, Erik played “What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182 (“nobody likes you when you’re 23…and are still more amused by TV shows…”) everybody laughed and clapped.

The third treat was the best. Mike, Erik, and Jamie all played football in the backyard. Three generations of kids, all 8 years apart. Jamie 15, Erik 23, Mike 31.


From your left: Jamie, Mike, and Erik.

I wanted to get in the ball game, but Dad had me on the leash so I wouldn’t chase the ball out of the yard. We all had a good time outside in the fresh air!


All that outdoors play made me hungry! It’s time to eat!

Woof! Love, Maggie



3 thoughts on “3/20/16 First day of Spring

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