3/24/16 An ode to our backyard

Which is now a mud puddle.

“Today we had another storm

With giant raindrops, not the norm

Our backyard is a sheet of muck

In which Mom’s gardening boots get stuck.

Mom tried and tried to make me pee

Out in that rain? No, not for me.

I held it til I thought I’d burst

But just when we were thinking the worst

At 11 o’clock the rain did cease

Just long enough to make my peace

With my bladder, now size 10

And immediately, began to rain – again!

Please don’t ask about the other,

Really it is such a bother,

I couldn’t find a dry blade of grass,

Upon which I could sit my –

Woof! Love, Maggie

PS,  You didn’t really think I’d say it, did you? I run a G-rated blog! (wink)



16 thoughts on “3/24/16 An ode to our backyard

  1. hitandrun1964

    Didn’t you get the SNOW? A short blizzard just to cheer up the already dark, cold, raw, wet, DARK, DARK, DARK, DARK, gray day. It started sticking, big, beautiful flakes then it turned back to rain a bit later. There’s still some snow out there. Poor puppy. Maybe your mom will build an indoor grass area for you since WE INSIST ON LIVING IN AN UNLIVABLE PLACE where a dog can’t find a spot to go to the bathroom.

  2. hitandrun1964

    I can’t stop eating and wanting to lay on the floor. It’s always night time, even at noon. 😦 But we will get one good month and will be wonderful enough to make us forget the other eleven and by then it’s too late to move again. It’s a psychological trap!!!

    1. hitandrun1964

      Maggie, there’s something orangish hanging the sky. It was there yesterday and it’s back today, although partially hidden by clouds. I think it’s called the sun but ask your mom if it’s safe to go outside while it’s there.


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