3/29/16 It’s not goodbye

Last night, Mom got an email (3 of them actually) from her Super Agent, Nancy.

This time Nancy told Mom she didn’t think the book was going to get published, and that Mom should consider self-publishing.

To say that Mom was gutted would be an understatement.

Mom’s written three children’s book manuscripts:

Maggie: A Shelter Dog Finds Her Home;

Maggie’s Summertime Adventures; and

Maggie: A Winter’s Tail.

We nearly had a deal last October that fell through. But this new blow had Mom reeling.

Mom says she doesn’t have the money to self-publish, and she would have to hire an illustrator and pay him, too (she has someone in mind).

Mom’s first inclination was to scotch this whole project. Shut down the blog and go away. Everyone was pestering her last night, and no one was acknowledging her feelings, or so she felt.

Mom said she needed time to think, so she went to bed and I snuggled down next to her. She said I was the only one to comfort her. Then she went to sleep.

*    *    *    *    *

Another problem is that Jamie is sick again and seems to be getting worse. Dad took Jamie to the Urgent Aid on Thursday (the doctor was closed) and he appeared to rally for a day or two, then seemed to take a downturn. So Mom is taking him off to the doctor again today.

Jamie being sick so much has Mom concerned. She got up early this morning, did some faxes, and set up an appointment with an ENT (earliest available is May) and set up Jamie’s doctor for later today. It’s a beautiful day outside. Mom thought that by now, Jamie would have been feeling better, and maybe could do something, but he remains weak and says “his hair hurts”. Last night he felt he could not make it up and down the stairs, but he attributed this to being tired. Mom is worried Jamie has “mono” or something. I’ll keep  you posted when I can.

Jamie is a tough nut to crack, because when you ask him how he is, he always says, “Good” or, “OK”. He could be sitting there on fire and he’d say, “I’m good.” It’s very frustrating for Mom to try to determine when a doctor visit is necessary when the patient is so stoic. Maybe Jamie is part fish. I know Spazz the Goldfish never wants to say anything when he feels bad, either. Secretly, I checked Jamie for gills and fins, but didn’t find any.

*    *    *    *    *

Anyway, Mom and I talked about it last night and this morning, and she says that for now, publishing has to be put on “hold” until she can get some money together. Maybe we can get something going in the Fall or Winter. She and I decided that we’d keep the blog rolling because we love our WP family and don’t want to lose you. Mom’s going to continue working on the fourth book, “Mischief With Maggie” and take her time with it. She’s going to first see if she can hire her friend Ivan to do the illustrations, and what his price would be. So the project is going to take some time, but it’s not goodbye. Wish us luck.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to take care of my young human. I’ll report back when I can after he sees the doctor.


Woof! Love, Maggie



24 thoughts on “3/29/16 It’s not goodbye

  1. noodle4president

    Oh my goodness, Maggie! Your Mom better not give up. There’s a little kid out there whose whole life will be changed after reading her story (-ies).

    As for Jamie, I am sending all of the prayers my little doggy body can muster up.

    Lots of love to you, your Mom, and Jamie. My Mom sends a big hug to your Mom and ear scratchies for you. ❤

  2. elizabethcollie

    Hope Jamie gets feeling better soon! &so sorry to hear that the book won’t get published…as a writer, I know how devastating that is. Never give up, and Chance and I are wishing you lot’s and lot’s of luck!!! Maggie, give your mom extra snuggles, sounds like she could use em’! 🙂

  3. loisajay

    This was a sad read, Maggie. Poor Mom. Poor Jamie. No, don’t let the blog go–I would miss you! I cannot understand why no one would want to publish this wonderful series about you. Love, hugs and best wishes that everything works out. In the meantime, Maggie, keep on doing what you do best–giving snuggles to keep everyone safe and smiling. XO

      1. maggie0019 Post author

        thank you. each day I hope he gets better. this has been going on since last year. But (Hugs) to you too for what you’re going through. Thanks for taking the time to comment. ((Maggie licks face)) – Liz

  4. hitandrun1964

    Liz…I hope you find out what’s wrong with Jamie. This really has been going on for a long time and I know you must be worried. Hopefully, the doctor will help him. Do the house again and concentrate on his room. I’m so sorry about your book. Do not give up. If you give up there is a 100% chance you will NEVER get published. People try 97 times and then they get luck y. If you do it yourself you may want to use Amazon. Do not let this discourage you and Maggie (who looks gorgeous, by the way). Let me know how Jamie is doing. Fingers crossed. ❤

  5. weggieboy

    I definitely would miss this blog and hope you find the strength to keep going while facing past disappointments. Maggie’s story is a good one, instructive and interesting. Don’t give up, Liz!

      1. weggieboy

        Tell Maggie the photo is hanging on the wall, and it looks wonderful! Thanks again for that and the blanket, which makes dialysis much more comfortable!

  6. scififantasylitchick

    I’m very sorry to hear about your books. As a writer myself, I know how hard that can be. But there are a couple of options you can consider as I think you have a premise that could sell. First, feel free to shop around for a new agent. Absolutely no disrespect to your current agent as I’m sure she has worked very hard on your behalf, but unless you’re under contract with her and/or such a contract expires, you have the liberty to find someone else to represent yourself and your work who might have a larger circle of editors/publishers/resources to draw from. Secondly, have you checked into CreateSpace, which is a spin-off company from Amazon.com? It’s a self-publishing platform that’s completely free save for some of its professional services (which I’ve never used but they aren’t necessary to publish a book). CreateSpace is easy to use (albeit you can only publish paperback books) and gives you the option of simultaneously publishing to Kindle (and picture books/books with illustrations can be supported on the Kindle platform). I’ve used CreateSpace to publish my books and I’ve been quite pleased with the result, especially since I have 100% control over my books’ appearance and price – not to mention it gives books the biggest global platform as they become available for sale on both Amazon and CreateSpace’s online store. Thirdly, you could self-publish to Kindle alone. Publishing to Kindle is also free and allows you complete control over the design, release, price, and marketing of your book. While I think I may eventually dabble in the world of traditional publishing, self-publishing has come a long way. I really hope you don’t shelve your writing projects (no book-related pun intended!) and I’m happy to hear you’re still writing. I hope you find a good publishing house for your books, whether that’s a traditional route or using indie publishing. Either way, I wish you the best and I pray for a speedy recovery for Jamie, too! Best wishes! 🙂

    1. maggie0019 Post author

      thanks so much for the great feedback and info. I have to get my illustrator on board (he said he’d do it, now I have to find the price, etc.) and then onward we go. Woof!

  7. susandorling

    Wishing Jamie all the best and hope he’s feeling fine real soon. My best wishes too for your book which I look forward to reading some time soon. Keep on truckin’!

  8. sepultura13

    Please, please stay! Don’t give up the blog…I totally understand your mom’s frustration – but it’s only a little bump in the road! A better deal and offer will come along soon…I can feel it! I’m looking forward to your books – and I hope that Jamie gets well soon!


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